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Nine Store is a Russian version of the 9apps portal that lets you download all kinds of media to your Android, including, among other things, videos, music, wallpapers, and all kinds of apps and video games (these latter two rely on Google Play).

Nine Store's main interface lets you use different filters to find the exact image or ringtone you're looking for, although these filters don't work as well as they should do. Even still, searching by category lets you find inspiring images of pretty animals or evocative landscapes very quickly.

One of Nine Store's most popular features (the one that lets you download apps and video games) in fact works better for recommending options that you can later download on Google Play. This is because the app includes daily recommendations, the most widely downloaded tools, the most essential options for new smartphones, and the most innovative games on the market.

Nine Store also lets you enjoy the latest movies and music videos. As this is a version for the Russian market, however, all the content is shown in the Russian language.
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